In 2017, the FPLI in collaboration with Fauna & Flora International – Indonesia Program and Biology SATU of Yogyakarta State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga, has conducted a survey of the distribution and population of Pahlar Nusakambangan (Dipterocarpus littoralis) in the eastern, central and western parts of Nusakambangan Island, outside the Nature Reserve.

The survey results found 110 Plahlar individuals with 2 individuals including adult trees. The population distribution of Plahlar were clumped in the western part of Nusakambangan. These results add to the new record of the findings of the 2012 Bogor Botanical Gardens and the 2014 BKSDA-FFI, in the Nusakambangan Nature Reserve and surroundings area.

From the results of these findings, it is known to date that there are 48 mature individuals. This survey results are contributed to update the assessment of its conservation status on the IUCN red list.

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