In November 2017, FPLI collaborated with the Tambora Muda Community and the National Library of Indonesia to hold a talk show entitled “Threatened Trees Against Extinction”. The talkshow discussed about rare and threatened tree species in Indonesia and their current conditions. The speakers who filled this talk show were:

  1. Prof. Dr. Tukirin Partomihardjo, Chairman of the Forum Pohon Langka Indoesia (FPLI)
  2. Dr. Iyan Robiansyah, Researcher of Threatened Trees from Bogor Botanical Gardens – LIPI
  3. Hanif Wicaksono, activist for the conservation of rare Kalimantan fruit trees
  4. Harun Mahbub, journalist at

In a growing discussion, it was known that 487 of Indonesian tree species were categorized as threatened species on the IUCN red list 2017. In addition, 12 tree species have been proposed by the FPLI as priority tree species for conservation. On the other hand, the constraining factor of this rare tree is the lack of information and data regarding the population and its biology, so that it takes a lot of roles for young researchers to carry out this research. Hanif Wicaksono gave a real inspiration in the conservation of rare fruit trees by the community and advised that anyone can help to do something to save rare trees. On this occasion Harun Mahbub illustrated that the role of the media is needed to socialize these rare trees and their conservation efforts. On the sidelines of the opportunity, Harun provided tips on how to mainstream this issue through social media.

The talkshow event is actually a concluding part of a national popular wrting contest activity entitled “Rare, Threatened, and Endemic trees of Indonesia” held in collaboration with FPLI, Tambora Muda, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and Ministry of Environment and Forestry. From August to October 2018, as many as 176 texts entered the committee, and 6 winners were obtained, namely:

1st Winner: Panji Gusti Akbar

Written entitle: “Durian Burung: Pesta Kuliner Penghuni Hutan Sumatra”

2nd Winner: M. Mario Hikmat Anshari

Written entitle: “Melestarikan Eboni Hitam Lewat Lubang Jarum”

3rd Winner: Abdullah Faqih

Written entitle: “Memori Pohon Cendana dan Peradaban Masa Silam”

1st Favorite Champion: Vidya Ayuningtyas

Written entitle: “Penghuni Terakhir Nusakambangan”

2nd Favorite Champion: Ichvan Sofyan

Written entitle: “Memoar di Repong Damar: Harmoni Aspek Ekologi, Ekonomi, dan Budaya”

3rd Favorite Champion: Anisa Ramadhani, Arum Eka Arta Meiza, Ria Resti Ayu

Written entitle: “Durio kurtejensis: Durian Unik dari Tanah Borneo yang Rawan Punah”

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