In August 2018, FPLI in collaboration with Bogor Botanical Garden – LIPI, conducted an inventory of the family Dipterocarpaceae (meranti-merantian) trees, while also recording the initial population distribution of Lagan Bras (Dipterocarpus cinereus) on Mursala Island, North Sumatra. Dipterocarpus cinereus is dipterocarp species endemic to Mursala island, and were pressumed extinct in 1998.

The results of the inventory recorded 25 species of Dipterocarpaceae on Mursala Island. As many as 20 species of them fall into the category of threatened (vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered) in the IUCN red list.

From the findings, there were also 160 individual of Lagan Bras, with only 30 individuals are its mature trees. The survey also involved staff from the Forest Management Unit (KPH) IX Pandan, from the North Sumatra Forest Service. This activity was supported by donor organizations of Muhammad Bin Ziyad (MBZ) and the Global Trees Campaign (GTC).

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