In December 2018, FPLI in collaboration with Save Our Nusakambangan Island (SONI) and Biology SATU UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, held a Workshop “Designing a conservation strategy for Nusakambangan rare and endemic tree species” in Cilacap.

The host of this workshop is the KSDA Resort Cilacap and the Central Java District Government. The workshop was attended by 63 participants from various backgrounds ranging from government officials, scientific authorities (LIPI), universities, NGOs and community groups, to the private sector.

The workshop aimed to design a conservation strategy for rare tree species in Nusakambangan Island, including the endemic species, Plahlar (Dipterocarpus littoralis).

Besides Plahlar, other rare trees that grow in the Nusakambangan forest, namely: Shorea javanica, Anisoptera costata, Sindora javanica, Afzelia javanica, Gonystylus macrophyllus, Bischofia javanica, Lithocarpus platycarpus, Prunus adenopoda, Schefflera fastigiata, and Hopea sangal.

From the results of the workshop, encouraged cross-sectoral collaboration between regional owners in this case, the resort area Cilacap – Ministry of Law and Human Right for Nusakambangan Prison areas, and managemetn authority such as Ministry of environment and Forestry for the Nusakambangan Nature Reserve area, PT. Lafarge-Holchim, and researchers and other conservation activists.

Those stakeholders are together to jointly carry out conservation actions in Nusakambangan Island. Some of the main programs initiated include 1) to follow-up research for population and distribution and threats, 2) the propagation programs of whether vegetative cuttings and nurseries or saplings of natural extraction, to 3) restoration and 4) ex situ collections in urban biodiversity gardens.

The points of the action plan and program that agreed by the parties, were then designed into the formulation of a threatened tree conservation strategy.

This formulation was using the theory of change method, and followed to the draft of national conservation strategy and action plan for 12 threatened tree species of Indonesian.

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